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Upload Video,
Receive Professional Swing Analysis.

Your Video Golf Analysis Platform.
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The modern way of improving your golf game.

Gain access to coaches worldwide.

Receive Frequent and Personalized Feedback.

Start for as low as €19.

1. Find Coach.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap and quick swing analysis or a long term coach - Snead’s smart filter options got your back.

Snead is for everyone.

2. Upload Swing Videos.

Capture your golf swing on video, write a short comment and upload it on our platform. Check our best practices how to capture your swing properly.

Provide the Coach with necessary information.

3. Receive Analysis.

Receive a personalized analysis from your coach using Snead’s High-Tech Analysis Tool featuring VoiceOver, Drawing Tools, and more!

Snead Coaching Platform

Are you a Coach?

The Future of Online Golf Lessons

Get your golf swing analyzed, access coaches worldwide, and enjoy the convenience of virtual lessons with Snead.

Receive Consistent Swing Feedback. Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

The best way to hit the ball better and shoot lower scores - that’s been proven by tour pros for decades - is with frequent and personalized feedback from a great coach.

Driven by Technology

The Modern Way

Accessible like never before


Coaching for every budget

Consistent Coaching
High-End Analysis

Industry-leading analysis tools.


Receive Golf Lessons From Anywhere.

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Explore your Analysis History and Progress.

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Get started in less than 3 minutes.


What exactly is Snead?
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