Snead Mobile Golf Analysis Platform

Kickstart your online coaching business.

Coaches on Snead earn 2,5x their usual hourly rate.

Gain access to students worldwide and grow your customer base.

On average 30% increase in monthly bookings.

Endless Flexibility, give lessons wherever you want.

Define your own packages.

Customize your services and choose between fixed or subscription based packages. You will receive monthly payouts - 100% guaranteed by the most secure payment partner out there: Stripe.

Contacts & Messaging

Interact with your students with Live Chat.
Steamline your communication with Broadcast messages.
Generate your own referral Code and invite your students.

Build your Global Online Presence

Don’t be limited to your local golf club. Acquire customers worldwide and we help with that.

Cutting Edge
Video Analysis Tools

Our solution comes with an integrated Video Analysis Tool ensuring effortless and efficient swing analyses.
Video Library
Voice Over
Trim & Compare
Line Drawing
Degree Calculation
Integrated Slow-Motion
Frame Timeline

Kickstart your online coaching business now.

Get started in less than 3 minutes.


What exactly is Snead?
Why should I consider offering online coaching through Snead?
Can I invite my current students to Snead?
Does Snead offer tools for video analysis during coaching sessions?
Why am I charged 39EUR/m to use Snead?
What qualifications are necessary to become a coach on Snead?
Is there a support system in place for coaches on Snead?
Are there any specific technical requirements for coaches to use Snead effectively?
How does Snead handle payments and financial transactions between coaches and clients?
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