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Video and Image Analysis

Eliminate Confusion with Dynamic Annotation Tools

Snead comes packed with a suite of annotation tools that are useful for any occasion. Use circles, straight lines, rectangles, etc to provide technical feedback and keep your athlete hyper-aware of their form. Draw directly on photos or videos while doing a voice over for added clarity and specificity.

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Slow Down the Action and Offer Hyper-Specific Feedback with Slow Motion Capability

For analyzing technical movements, having the ability to discern the intricate details of your athlete's movements is essential. Slow motion playback enables you to dissect each movement meticulously and provide feedback with precise accuracy consistently.

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Add Context to Your Feedback with Built in Voice Over

Incorporate your voice into any video or photo to enrich your training with additional context. Indeed, you have the capability to transform a photo into a dynamic video. Leveraging this feature offers a straightforward, swift, and powerful method to provide impactful coaching feedback in a personalized manner.

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Shoot Directly in App, Reuse Videos in Your Cloud Library, or Upload Directly from Your Camera Roll

Access the Video Analysis Tools directly in app, reuse videos from your cloud library, or upload directly from your camera roll. With Snead Pro, never run out of space with 500GB of Cloud Storage to store your game footage, drills and more.

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Compare Your Athletes Side-by-Side with Comparison Shots

Snead offers the functionality to place two videos or images side by side for direct comparison. This can be used to analyze the same athlete's progress over time or to compare their techniques with those of a more advanced player. Viewing two visuals simultaneously provides a much more dynamic and insightful perspective than examining a single image or video alone.

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